Your Story

Feeling Down.

Bullying. Everyone has a bullying story. Whether it be a direct victim of someone else’s bullying, or witnessing someone you know being bullied. Maybe you’ve joined in on the bullying. Maybe you’ve stood up for the victim. Bullying is never… Continue Reading


Alcohol and Teens

Alcohol and teens

Drinking. Maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to be drunk. Maybe you’ve been drunk before. Maybe you liked it, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’re thinking about drinking for the first time and want to do a little bit of research… Continue Reading


Cute Notebook

Use your diary!

I love writing! Stories, experiences, hopes, wishes, things that are annoying me, things that are inspiring me. I also love typing. But typing will never feel as good (for me) as holding a pen to a piece of paper. Having… Continue Reading